Adopt-a-Vixen now!

Adopt-a-Vixen is a way for fans, family, and friends both near and far to have the opportunity to support our football team.   Each player is responsible for an annual training fee that helps cover the expense of items such as travel, practice fields, stadium cost, referees, athletic trainers, coaches, head sets, and ambulances to name a few.  In addition, players also must cover the cost of their equipment and uniforms.  Adopt-a-Vixen is one way for our fans, family, and friends to help our program succeed.

Here’s how it works:

The Adopt-a-Vixen program is an opportunity for you to aid a specific player with their costs.  Sponsorship can be for any amount!  All proceeds go to help the player and the team attain their goals both on and off the field.

Simply click the link below and fill in the information!

Adopt-a-Vixen Now!