All-Time Honors*

All-Star Players

2014- Cynthia ‘Red’ Bryant, Erin ‘Tilly’ Tilford, Drue Barber, Nikki Beyer, Angela Griffin, Madison Schmatz

2015- Cynthia ‘Red’ Bryant, Erin ‘Tilly’ Tilford, Emily Evans, Courtney Gibson-Thomas, Jeanette ‘Tank” Nelson

2016- Cynthia ‘Red’ Bryant, Erin ‘Tilly’ Tilford, Lisa Brown, Amanda Dvorak, Kiersten Hansen, Hanah Martin, Crystal Ninas, Jodi ‘Moose’ Rehlander, Sheena Reed


All-Star Coach

2014- Damion Topping, Defensive Coordinator

2015- Brandon Pelinka, Head Coach

2016- Damion Topping, Defensive Coordinator


Most Improved Player of the year

2014- Jannie Kile, Honorable mention Julia Burkstaller

2015- Dulce Palomares, Honorable mention Kristi Wagner

2016- Kenzie Anderson


Rookie Player of the Year

2014- Julia Burkstaller, Honorable mention Whitney Phillips

2015- Jeanette ‘Tank’ Nelson, Honorable mention Amy Mugaas

2016- Crystal Ninas, Honorable mention Kiersten Hansen


Special Teams Player of the year

2016- Lisa Brown, Honorable mention Katie Muller


Defensive Player of the Year

2014- Cynthia ‘Red’ Bryant, Honorable mention Erin ‘Tilly” Tilford

2015- Cynthia ‘Red’ Bryant, Erin ‘Tilly” Tilford

2016- Sheena Reed, Honorable mention Crystal Ninas


Offensive Player of the Year

2014- Angela Griffin, Honorable mention Erin ‘Tilly’ Tilford

2015- Emily Evans, Hororable mention Jeanette ‘Tank’ Nelson

2016- Hanah Martin, Honorable mention Amanda Dvorak


Team MVP

2014- Erin ‘Tilly’ Tilford, Honorable mention Cynthia ‘Red’ Bryant

2015- Erin ‘Tilly’ Tilford, Honorable mention Jeanette ‘Tank’ Nelson

2016- Kiersten Hansen, Honorable mention Cynthia ‘Red’ Bryant


Team Vixen

2014- Jodi ‘Moose’ Rehlander, Honorable mention Michele Braun

2015- Nina McDowall, Honorable mention Jodi ‘Moose’ Rehlander

2016- Jodi ‘Moose’ Rehlander

*records only currently available for 2014 to present