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The Minnesota Vixen are the longest continuously operating women’s tackle football team in the Nation. Our team consists of women who are mothers, veterans, students, and church goers. The team formed in 1999 and recruited players from across the country. We, along with the Lake Michigan Minx played in a Barnstorming tour that led to the creation of today’s women’s tackle football leagues and teams.

The past few years our team has grown exponentially in experience, skill, and performance. Last year we played in the semi-finals, missing the championship game by only four points! This has all been done with limited resources and equipment. This year we look to add to our total wins and hopefully bring home a league championship in our Sweet Sixteen Season!

Your donation goes directly to the team to help fund things such as: practice equipment, facility rentals and travel costs. Any monetary help that you can provide is greatly appreciated. We thank you for your support so we are able to continue to allow women the opportunity to play football and provide the hard-hitting entertainment experience that makes our fans cheer.