#20 Andrea Puckett


This is my rookie season with the Vixen. I’m a former All-State and Division I soccer player and also played hockey, basketball, softball and tennis at various points growing up. I also grew up watching football with my family, especially with my mom who was the biggest Minnesota Vikings fan I knew. After taking more than a decade off from sports, I’m excited to challenge myself on the football field. I’m also excited to set an example for my daughter, who at the age of six, said I couldn’t play football because women aren’t tough enough. I want to show her and other little girls what women can do when they work hard and believe in themselves. Off the field, I hold an MBA from the Carlson School of Management and work in product development within the population health industry. My husband is my greatest supporter as he encourages me daily and takes care of our two kids, three pets, our home and countless other things so I can take the field.

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