#96 Cynthia Bryant

PositionDefensive Line
Seasons Played19
ResidesNorth St. Paul, MN
HometownMinneapolis, MN
OccupationEngagement Behavior Specialist

Team Captain

Defensive Player of the Year 2014, 2015

All-Star Team 2014, 2015, 2016

This is Red’s 19th season. She is one of the three remaining original Vixen! Michele Braun, Moose and Red have been playing since the Barnstorming Tour. I have one son, Talon and granddaughters Payton and Karmarianna. I dedicate this season to my parents, Loyd and Margaret Harris Jr. Her sponsors are Anne Long, Jim Long, all my PYC family, Dr. Alex and last but not least, her biggest fan, Nadine Schmidt.

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Cynthia is supported by:

Jay Laws

Mark Downey

John Peterson

Michael Reynolds

Asha Belk

Jeremy Lundborg

Karla Nyquist

Laura Schmidt-Dockter

Christina Ashford

Kiana Batteau

James Scott

Marnette Gordon