#11 Sheriba Dunn


This is Sheriba. She has been an athlete all her life. Participating in basketball and track in high school, then, moving on to add volleyball to her arsenal in college. After receiving a two year Liberal Art degree and a second in Mathematics she returned home to enter the working world (full time that is). She is now an Account Manager. She spends her free time in the gym dabbling in different styles of training including: Yoga, CrossFit, HIIT, Bodybuilding and group sports/boot camps (just not Zumba). She also spends much of her time supporting her nephew in his wrestling and football career.


“When I played basketball in high school, I played post. They moved me to a wing in college. I wasn’t the best shooter, so I had to get quick. I had to depend on my ability to move without the ball to get open. Aside from that, that inner post has always been looming. I thrived off contact. When I started lifting it was exciting, but weights don’t push back. I was looking for that intensity that I had gotten from organized sports. So far football has made me utilize all the skills that I a have attained from all the aforementioned sports and I have had to dig for more (many more). It has been the most frustrating, nail biting, hair pulling, teeth gritting, heart pounding, feet pacing, fist pumping, and chest beating… THRILL of my sports career and I’M A ROOKIE! OMG all this and it’s just preseason.”

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