#98 Tami Miller


This is Tami’s first season with the MN Vixen.  Though she has never played football before–she is no stranger to competitive sports.  Tami played varsity softball in high school and intramural rugby in college.  When she was young…she was the only girl who the boys would let play football at recess, and has had a love of the game ever since.  In fact…Tami has a tendency to turn everything into a contact sport and once suffered a concussion playing “duck, duck, gray duck (or ‘goose’, for you non-MN folk)” after attempting to dive and tackle the person she was chasing. Tami works in retail management and travels around to 16 different retail locations in Southern MN–aiding stores in hiring, training, guest service, and other aspects of management.  She is excited to join the team and is looking forward to her rookie season.

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Tami is supported by

Clay Miller

Ron Melcher

Kirstyn Wegner

Jill & Charlie Wirth

Margaret Melcher

Peggy Zinniel

Jodi Anderson